Lose Weight In 2019 – Complete Guide

Lose Weight – Nowadays, there are many reasons that lead us to gain weight. It`s not easy to resume, but it`s mostly about nutrition, stress, sedentarism.

We get fat due to the food choices we market, there are many food alternatives. It`s not easy to eat healthily and to keep in shape. We must educate our tastes and this is not cheap. There are many ailments on the market that are tasty but contain additives or hormones. The product’s composition stimulates our appetite and we tend eating more than needed. The temptation is everywhere and our lifestyle, the lack of time have an impact on our nutrition.

We stress a lot, we live on speed and, if we eat unhealthily, we have health issues. If we eat healthily, we will avoid some diseases. But in any case, we can gain weight. Under pressure, we eat more and our organism will stock more, to have sources of energy.

The lack of time leads also to sedentarism. We fill tired and we don`t exercise as much as we should. Doing sports entertains our mind healthy. But if we eat less well, we stress and we don`t even exercise our body, mind, organs are older than their biological age.

So… it`s easy to get fat, obese. But we all know that it`s difficult to lose weight. What should we do? We have to make balanced choices in order to avoid this situation. Or, if we are already having weight problems, to find the right way to fight the unnecessary kilos.

Standard tips to lose weight fast

There is no magical recipe to lose weight. Each organism is different and the diet must be adapted. What we can do, is respecting some basic tips such as:

  • Eating a high-protein breakfast
  • Avoiding juices and drinks with sugar
  • Drinking water with 30minutes before every meal
  • Carefully associate the ailments
  • Eating soluble fiber
  • Drinking coffee or tea
  • Eating unprocessed food
  • Eating slowly, to help digestion
  • Avoiding stress
  • Thinking positively
  • Having a hobby
  • Exercising


Ingredients or supplements that stimulate fat burn

Diet and exercise are the keys to keeping in shape. But if you want to increase your results, it clearly that supplementation is the key. Supplements must become your friends, so you should do natural and botanical choices.

The most popular ingredients that stimulate fat burn are:

Proteins: Eating smaller meals (5 a day) can stimulate our metabolism. Eating more proteins than carbohydrates helps fat burn. Combined with sports, we obtain better results in a shorter time. Sometimes, we can replace some meals with protein shakes that are protein balanced and especially conceived.

Fat burners: to burn calories and lose weight. We can mention the thermogenic formulas that increase the metabolism rate. These formulas are making a blend of the following ingredients 1-3 times a day, before meals: green tea extract – boosts the metabolism, caffeine – increases fat oxidation, citrus Aurantium – promotes fat burn.

Stimulant free: there are stimulants that can be taken later in the day. People use them in conjunction with fat burners. We can mention CLA – that increases muscle to fat ratio, 7-Keto – to regulate fat burning, green coffee bean extract – that minimize after-meal glucose surges, raspberry ketones – sustain fat burning, chromium – helps with blood sugar control, ashwagandha – to limitate stress-induced over-eating.

Curb appetite: increase the satiety sensation. You will eat less, but your appetite will be diminished. We can mention glucomannan, produced from konjac root, a fiber that absorbs a large amount of water. This will create the sensation of fullness and your calorie intake will be reduced.

Carb and fat inhibitors: We are human, so sometimes we are tempted to eat pizza or ice cream. So, from time to time, we have to satisfy our cravings. Otherwise, we will be frustrated and we will not obtain the desired results. As fast carb and fat inhibitors, we can mention:

–    white kidney beans – is a starch inhibitor, so carbs are not transformed into glucose.  It works great with pasta and bread, but not with sugar

–    chitosan – its derivated from shellfish and, consumed before a meal, it forms a gel which binds to dietary fats.

–    cissus quadrangularis – affects food absorption. So fat is blocked because the enzymes that break it down are stopped.

Lose Weight In 2019 – Conclusion

We can obtain the desired results, by taking care of our diet and by sleeping good, reducing stress and exercising. If we haven`t got the time to cook and we are on speed, we have the possibility to replace a certain meal with the right supplement. The choices we make must be responsible and equilibrated, so we don`t have to abuse of a certain ingredient and forget to eat also regular meals. If we have a health condition, it`s easily understood that medicine or nutritionist must supervise your meals or your options for certain supplements (no harmful, otherwise).

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