DroneX Pro

DroneX PRO – TOP seller on the drone market!

DroneX PRO – You are passionate about the sky discovery and the drones, but you have budget restrictions. What are the main difficulties when buying and using drones? You may say that sometimes it`s about the age of the user, the restrictive price tags.

But most essentially, the ration between the most cost-effective options and the functionality and the durability is not fare.

When choosing a drone, you want to make the best money deal for the best and most solid features. So, you want almost the cheapest model but designed with foldable structure and perfect flight. DroneX PRO is a top seller on the drone market because it combines quality with price.

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You can buy DroneX Pro here:

DroneX Pro

The best choice for the universal drone user – DroneX PRO

The engineers of Drone X PRO were drone users, so they were aware of the design difficulties. When buying a drone, you want to use it when you travel and anywhere. The existing drones were too heavy to respond to this need. The drones were too heavy and difficult to fly, so the experience of the user was limited.

So, the concept of Drone X PRO was created to offer everyone an outstanding experience. Drone X was conceived to be compact, light, portable, easy to use and all that at the best price. The camera of this drone was designed to capture the best experiences.

DroneX PRO – top drone model with special features

As DroneX PRO offers the best features (light, fast, portable…) at the best price, it`s a top model.


For its size, Dronex PRO is the fastest drone. Its transmission goes up to 2 km, and it speeds up to 12 meters per second.

  1. PRO experience with EASY CONTROL

DroneX PRO has the main features researched by the professionals. What do we understand by PRO experience? We could mention Gravity Sensor, Slo-mo Mode, Panorama Mode and more. Even with this advanced options, Drone X PRO is easy to use, even by the beginners.


Even the least technical users, can shoot like a pro. Why is that? Because DroneX PRO has pre-programmed camera shoots. So just at the click of a button, DroneX PRO offers effects such as boomerang and asteroid shots.

How does it work?

First, it`s really easy to install the app of Drone X PRO by scanning the QR code in the manual. After, you just have to plug in the battery, connect to your drone and start up the app. And Drone X PRO is ready to use in less than 10 seconds! You will find DroneX intuitive, little as a smartphone (fits in any pocket, bag).

You can buy DroneX Pro here:

DroneX Pro

DroneX Pro

Is DroneX PRO expensive?

The price of DroneX PRO is $99 (139 AUD) if you buy it online. The online deal is 50% OFF if you compare it with shops offers $199.97. So, just buy DroneX PRO from the official website, download the drone app (Android & IOS) and connect it to your drone and START your AMAYZING experiences with the loved ones!

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