TC1200 PRO


TC1200 PRO – There are many studies that have revealed the fear of dark of a significant part of the population. Sometimes, this fear appears in childhood. Afterward, it is attenuated or it is accentuated, depending on everyone’s experience. Other people enjoy the dark, work during the night or have an adventurous spirit. In any case, the need for a source of light is essential to feel secure.

The researchers have concluded that a quality tactical flashlight is a good choice for each one of us. TC1200 PRO has been conceived to support people during breakdowns, attacks, or during different night activities. It`s really a great investment, a cost-effective option.

TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight has some unbeatable features (brightness, durability, reliability) and the price is incredibly low. So, safety was never easier when using this amazing product.

TC1200 PRO

TC1200 PRO


The market of flashlights it’s not that well equipped. In general, we find flashlights with only 200, 400 or 600 lumens (such as Maglite TM). So, we could say that the flash of a photo camera is even more effective. Today, you have the possibility to purchase the 1200 lumens 1TAC Tactical Flashlight from TC1200 PRO.

The innovative TC1200 PRO has no competition. Its brightness can blind (anyone: animals, attackers) and helps you feel secure. You can use it for self-defense, for recreational activities and for doing your job. In each case, you only have advantages.

Today is the best day for buying a tactical flashlight. There is no better moment. The price will be 75-90% off at the purchase of TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight and the Shipping will be FREE!

TC1200 PRO can be for your children, they will feel safer if they have to stay home alone. You can buy it for yourself if you are exploring the woods in the night. You can purchase it for you and your family and friends if you have hobbies together (camping, fishing). It can be purchased for your employees if they work on night shifts and you want them to work properly.

There are many reasons for choosing TC1200 Tactical Flashlight, we are sure that it will improve the quality of your life experiences.

TC1200 PRO

TC1200 PRO


TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight it`s not only performant, but it`s also elegant. This is a sign of quality and professionalism. We are client oriented and we prioritize the safe experiences in the dark.

Hurry up and get a 10% discount on Holidays from the regular price of TC1200!

The CREED LED Technology and the 100k Lamp Life Hours are the main advantages of TC1200 PRO. But you should know that this tactical flashlight it`s also waterproof, slip-resistant, doesn`t heat and has a zoom-in-out system.

TC1200 PRO uses 3AAA batteries or 1 LI-ON Rechargeable system. This means that charging this product won`t be one of your daily worries.

The five modes (high, medium, low, SOS and Strobe) of TC1200 PRO  allow each user to adapt to any situation. The product will be used as they desire.

Enjoy outstanding experiences with TC1200! There is no dark situation that can defeat it!


With TC1200 PRO, we support charitable causes, because we believe in the environment and in the people with needs. So, the reasons and the features recommend this tactical flashlight.

TC1200 PRO Tactical Flashlight addresses to everyone. It`s recommended for children, normal people (exploring, hobbies, safety…), employees (Safety Guards) and official missions (Military, Armed Forces).

Each experience will be unique with TC1200 PRO. After using this tactical flashlight, you will ask yourself how could you have lived before without its brightness and features.


“I work in the Military and we always need to search people, places in the dark. So having a tactical flashlight with a strong brightness is essential. Our board has made a reunion and they have concluded that replacing the old flashlights with TC1200 PRO is a must, for doing a quality work. Doing mistakes it`s not an option in our job, so choosing the best possible flashlight was a priority. And we realized that it`s a cost-effective product, so the board was pleased.” Mickael, 37 years old

 “I have two children, Andreas – 10 years old and Jennifer –  12 years old. As for me and my wife work in night shifts, they had to stay alone at home very often. We had often difficulties in convincing them that we have to do to this and that they will be just fine, but they don`t have to open the door to strangers. But we succeeded convince them only after buying the tactical flashlight TC1200 PRO. They saw that this product has the brightness to fight the dark and they felt safer. Happy children, happy parents.” Joe, 42 years old

TC1200 PRO

TC1200 PRO


Sometimes you don`t buy products, because you have to do many procedures. But it`s not the case with TC1200! Only with a few clicks, you will buy this outstanding tactical flashlight.

You just have to enter on the official website and choose the desired package. After filling you’re the form with your personal details. The only thing that remains doing is entering the payment information. Congratulations, you are the owner of the best tactical flashlight on the market – TC1200 PRO!

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